Wisbeam was founded in 2000. The most advanced Western lighting manufacturing system is adopted for production. With the 5S management system, we are developing in a rapid and steady way.
Everyone here attributes great importance to quality. Seeking perfection on each product is our basic principle.
Premium quality, cost-effective products and the increasing recognition from European and American customers give Wisbeam more chances to cooperate with the brands worldwide. Through international cooperation, our manufacturing system is proved effective and gets improved. We keep moving forward all the time.

With the approval from all cooperative clients, we decided to display our advanced technology and products to each consumer. We will first penetrate into North America which is a long-expected promising market.
Concentration is what we are most proud of. The experience of each core member adds up to over 100 years in the field. The professional engineers are incomparable among the lighting corporations.

About Product:
Our strength is doing what we are best at in the simplest way. We are dedicated to developing easy-to-use products. Our focus is creating humanized design and products matching all the scenes in daily life.

About Selling:
Providing top customer service is our attitude. Gift packing is the standard of user experience. High performance ratio is the core to pricing. All these we offer delight each customer.

About Service:
With round-the-clock service system, consumers’ questions are replied within 24 hours and their problems are solved promptly.
No matter it is for daily-life illumination, home decoration or furnishing design, the application of light is filled with creativity. Wisbeam has a designer group of over 10 elites. They have been devoted to creating excellent products.

From light bulb invented by Thomas Edison to the LED light widely used today, it is obvious that steadiness, eco-friendliness and smartness is strongly required. Through the intense cooperation with international brands, we are able to apply the most advanced technology to our products.

Besides customers’ basic needs in daily-life illumination and home decor, we keep studying the development of lighting in smartness field, like how to apply the 3D projection at the back of a vehicle in order to effectively lower the rate of rear-end collision.
Market Penetration:
We select the most cost-effective products with most steady performance, most excellent workmanship. Good user experience and high product value is where we reach in the first step.

Product Selection:
Practicability, steady performance, elegant look and trendy design is the standard we refer to when choosing products. Our second goal is to fulfill the high expectation from customers, make our brand widely known by word of mouth and gain high repurchase rate.

Product Update:
To keep up with the times, we must constantly utilize and update our products. Our best wish is to make each payment from our customer as worthy as possible. Our third goal is to raise the expectation from customers.
Excellent Service:
Our business principle is to be open-minded, build up high-efficient team and provide considerate service.