Wise Design Ideas of a Small Apartment


Zoku is a hotel located in Amsterdam. Its room averagely covers the area of 24 to 30 sq meters. This hotel looks normal with normal room area, but actually, the room is a small apartment with brilliant design. The intention of this design is to let the traveler sleep, work and have social intercourse in a comfortable place. This design concept sets a good example for the small apartment.

The main feature of this small-sized flat can be described as “the sparrow may be small, but fully-equipped”. This small apartment has every function of the big house, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. It is a relaxing place for traveler or worker.

The designer used simple design style which makes this apartment seem humanized. In the middle of television and lockers, there is a retractable stair. We can use this retractable stair to go to the bedroom on “second floor” when we feel tired. This wise design can protect privacy. When you have visitors, you can put away your stair so that nobody will step into your private place.

Besides the uniqueness above, there are more wise design ideas found. It’s an ideal place for travelers.




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