Great Renovation of Furniture

For furniture placed in the house for a long time, inevitably there will be crack, damage and other issues, especially on wood furniture. Today I will recommend two simple ways to fix furniture with the least money spent. Let’s go check it out!

  • Color-blocking

If you are not satisfied with texture of new furniture, you can try to use paint to “change” it. If you think the wood grain is not good enough, then you can paint your favorite wood paint color on the wooden furniture. Using white and wood paint can make your furniture look special and fashion. Also, spray-paint can create the color block effect.

  • “Change” the texture

If you don’t like the desk’s grain or get tired of it, online shopping for wallpaper is a good choice. Nowadays it’s easy to buy beautiful wallpaper on the internet. Like the marbling wall paper as shown in the figure below, they are less expensive and waterproof. You can use this method to solve your problem. If your desk and chair appear dry, crack and other problems, please don’t worry. Use wall paper to give your old furniture a brand new look.

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