Remodeling an 80m2 Commodity House

Size: 80m2

Style: modern simple style

House layout: two-bedroom house

House remodeling: The house has three bedrooms originally. Every bedroom is not big. So we knock one of bedroom through the living room. This method can expand the public area.  

2 (1).jpg

House gate is in front of the public area. We make a porch cabinet on the left side. It plays a role in partition. It is divided into 3 parts. The bottom is for shoes; you can put some decoration and keys in the middle; top of the cabinet is for stowing some odds and ends.

1 (1)

Walking down the hallway you can see the kitchen and dining room are on the left, living room and study is on the right side.


On the left side, theres a wall between the door and kitchen. Actually that is a storage space. This design does not only divide the space, but also keep the privacy. What a clever design.

 4 (1).jpg

The small cabinets around the sofa created the storage space, and also increase the convenience to move and adjust position according to the need.


You can see there are two sets of sofa back to back. One sofa is for living room and the other one is for study room.


Study room is behind the living room. Besides desk, chair and bookcase, you can see there is a sofa here. The study room becomes more comfortable and practical.


Wooden bath counter is matched with white basin. It looks pure and fresh.


The main color of the masters bedroom is white. The warm sunlight can shine through the small balcony.


Bedroom door is of push-pull type, which can save more space. The wall of the bedhead was painted in deep gray color to reduce the monotony.


The master bedroom has its own bathroom. That makes daily life easy.


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