Wisbeam Lighting Prime Day Special Offers

Amazon Prime Day is an annual deals event exclusive for prime members of Amazon. As a positive seller of Amazon, we understand that we should try our best to provide you the world’s best days to shop. Therefore, we would release an irresistible sale via Amazon for a limit time.

We have various lights for your choice as a functional and decorating fixture to your space. During Prime Day, get $6.9 for every $69 spent.

1160x510-3 拷贝.jpg


Ceiling Hanging Light Pendant Fixture with White Metal Shade

Candy light is the most colorful item in our shop. For colors for option: pure white, mysterious black, passionate red and shining yellow. Different color match has different effect. They are perfect for home or business use, like shop and office.

We are offering three discounts for Candy—Buy one get 10% off, buy two get 15% off, buy three get 18% off. The more you buy, the more you save! Find them at http://www.amztk.com/pl101r                       Code WISBEAMC.CANDY-1CANDY-2


Globe Ceiling Flush Mount Corridor Light Closet Fixture

Lighting is an essential part of daily life. It can also be an eye-catching piece of #art. Sphere is of unique round shape, simple but modern.

Take it home with 15% off discount on Amazon Prime Day with code WISBEAMS.



Bathroom Chrome Vanity Wall Sconce

No matter your bathroom is luxurious or simple, this light can suit all kinds of home décor well. We are offering 15% off discount for it. Code: WISBEAMT Find it at http://www.amztk.com/wl101.TRO-1

There is a three light set for larger room. http://www.amztk.com/wl103TRO-3

10% off for order of two and 15% off for purchase of three. Code at checkout: TWISBEAM

Again, time is limited! Enjoy your Prime Day! Have fun.


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