Renovation of an 116m^2 Apartment

Even if an 116 m^2 space is enough for living in for a couple, the owners still want to alter their apartment – from the originally three-bedroom structure to two-bedroom, so that they could have an open study. In addition, it could make their apartment more spacious and the dull color could make their style more flexible. Let’s take a look at the amazing renovation.


A black-chocolate wall with French windows, king size of the bed make the master bedroom more calm and stylish, but the small wooden elephant may add a bit of interest of the room and illustrate the owners still retain childlike innocence.


The black-painted message board is the exclusive place of exchange of information for the couple who have different shifts. The writing on the board could evoke the care of them each other and making this home increasingly warmer.


The removal of the third bedroom ensures the “born” of the open study, which would make their life more colorful and be full of fun. Moreover, the wooden bookcase hanging on the wall is the most outstanding visual landscape.


Textured wood flooring, combining with the white wall, paves a natural and stress-free life expression and increases the comfort level of the room.


The kitchen locates inside the platanus wood wall, together with the storage. It looks cleaner and the owners would be more comfortable for it .


The owners demand a large capacity storage –  the TV is hidden behind the cabinet.





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