The Heart Belongs to the American Style House

“The smile of the family is my treasure”. When my little girl jumped from one room to another and introducing to her friends proudly, the elder was moved to look around her room and touch anything she was interested; my husband proudly said to his friends that all the home decorations are my credit. I think it’s very worth spending the 8 months decorating it.


The love for a house starts from the hallway

Firstly, when you enter the house, your eyes may be caught by the refreshing closet and paintings.

Compared to the dancing lady orchid, I prefer the sunflowers which are a necessary part of American interior decoration. It’s positive and always faces toward the sun as the state of life I appreciate.




Dining room: love is to eat together for a lifetime

The dining room is at the right of the hallway. Harbor House’s bronze crystal lamp is the most gorgeous lamp in my home. I like the refreshing style, but when I saw this lamp, I can’t help falling in love with it. The lamp is very heavy. The crystal pillars were inserted into the roots one by one. At the moment of turning on the lamp, it looks like the flashing stars, both warm and smart. The pictures on the wall are gifts from the decoration company.




The kitchen: the love is crushed into each meal

Western kitchen is transformed by the northern balcony. I always want to have my own oven and dishwasher. But the kitchen is too small to tolerate so many kitchen appliances.

The designer gave me the western kitchen in the north balcony. There are some drawers inside the bar. It is very convenient to take out and put in the tableware. We drink a little together, talking about life and work… This is my favorite night, quietly and very peaceful.





Behind the high cabinet, it is my mini small Chinese kitchen. I really love it. The flying saucer in the small corner is very practical. It uses up the cabinet corner completely to create a place for my irregular kitchenware.






Living room: A perfect day

The living room is boxy. The blue theme, deep shallow blue, large floor windows, lazy tiger chairs, stable oil wax leather sofa, classic American lamp and floor lamp combines the right American style in my mind; I looked for the fresh but not tacky green plant for a long time. Fresh jean ficuscunia finally becomes the spotlight in the living room.

When I nest on the couch, watching the US drama, my daughter plays her toys and my husband tastes a tea. We family talk occasionally and get amused by daughter’s funny words. I think this is my perfect day.





Elderly room: Even the spring scenery is not as good as you

Behind the sofa is the elderly’s room. The old room focuses on comfortableness, not obsolete. The classic Sophie bed is equipped with two bedside tables and two wall lamps. It’s convenient for the elderly to get up at night. In one side of the balcony, there is a washing machine stack up with the dryer. It’s very imposing and practical. The structure is designed by my own. From the wardrobe to lockers, my principle is to create more drawers as many as possible.






Daughter’s room: Love you, my blue little mermaid

The gray-blue wall paint is her own wise choice. It’s fresh and peaceful. Three abstract paintings are the little girl’s works. The colors of the painting are unified. So I hang them up, which strengthens her sense of being the owner.



In the right side of the aisle is the mini storage room. It’s very small but very practical. All kinds of stuffs have a shelter. My Dyson also find its place on the wall. Coming out from the storage room, you’ll see the bathroom for guest. I think the bathroom should be fresh and clean.



Master’s bedroom: Hold your hand and grow old together

The bedroom combines with the study room. Look at the study room in the right side. There is a French window in every room in my house. The big windows increase the lighting of the room and make the room bigger. You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way. Let us read and travel.


Though the main bathroom is small, have bathtub. I love the painting, a couple hand in hand, on the cabinet. I wish a simple life, that is, you and me hand I hand to accompany with each other. Did you hear it?



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