An 82㎡ Simple Apartment in Spain


If you want to create a seasonal style in your house, besides changing the fabric material, change the color of the room is also a choice. The change color is really easy to be detected by your sense. This apartment in Barcelona is filled with light and pure color, creating a great roomy atmosphere around the house. A large use of white color and wooden building materials makes the space smells like the natural fragrance of spring and summer.

Design tip: 80% write + 20% Macaroons green would create vitality of spring and summer. Besides, make use of the lighting to expand limited space.


Removal of the corridor is easy to cause the impression of dark. More lighting from outside enhances the width of the space. Simple furnishings add texture to the house. Kitchen designed with black and white is clear and sharp. The two bedrooms are not identical; but both are decorated based on white color and Nordic style. Do you want this warm feeling in your house? Try the light and young colors!








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