Exquisite LOFT-Fashion Blogger’s Fashionable Home

Helena is a fashion blogger. She lives at Brooklyn Superior Residence in New York. Most fashion bloggers are happy to observe and think, with the discovery of the beauty, unique insight to fashion and meticulous demanding. Helena’s home shows her personal qualities well.


White is the most elegant color. Helena’s home is based on white and decorations additional. TV above the fireplace and two storage racks beside presents symmetrical beauty.


The white sofa looks soft and pure. White wool carpet with a geometric pattern brings warmth and comfortableness. As for all the blank walls, they are decorated with beautiful paintings.


In the dining room, there is a long table, which is suitable for the children’s party. Wooden table matches with different styles of chairs. And at the foot of the table, there is woven carpet and animal skin carpet. All of these create a rural atmosphere. There is also a wine cabinet in the corner for the owner’s favorite wine collection.


The bed room is very heart-warming. White walls with beige soft bed head give the feeling of soft and comfortable. In order to make the room look bigger, the owner chose the specular bedside tables, and put a mirror behind the two tables.


Drawer and the seats in the corners are of rustic style so that the space seems calm and leisure. It is worth mentioning that the basin of cactus besides the window is the “old antiques” inherited by hostess’s grandfather.


From a few bottles of exquisite perfume inside a tray on the wall cabinet we could feel the hostess attentions to details. The owner specially arranged a children’s room to welcome the new family member. Although there is no bright color, but each corner is full of fun and creativity, such as the animal head decoration on the wall. It looks not so terrible as imagine.


On the wall, there is a cute carton decorative picture, which adds bright color to the quiet space. Before the birth of the child, it is the entertainment space for adults.


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