A Cozy Apartment Belongs to a Couple

Although you live with your parents, you can still build your own space. Julia and Christian use the most fashionable layout and furniture to transform the upstairs of Christian’s parents’ house into a cozy apartment. Let’s go upstairs and find out the wonderfulness.


Living room, a place for relaxing all year round, is full of natural materials with seasonal colors to create a harmonious atmosphere throughout the year. Julia said: “We choose to relax here after a long day work. In order to enjoy a new atmosphere, we made a small change. In spring, we replace the heavy carpet and leisure with a pad cover, which is full of spring hue. Also we add more plants and branches.

Julia said for both of them, it is important to create a good home lifestyle. This is their common effort; all the things are decided by the couple.


Modern kitchen with a pastoral style- Julia and Christian chose IKEA and add a concrete surface island. The design makes it easier to communicate in the kitchen. More storage spaces are available. The couple uses wooden cupboard, hand-made lights and plants to warm the cooking area. Julia said that this is a good way to make the modern kitchen soft, so that the whole room is filled with warmth.


Dine with friends every day- Julia’s friend Hanni often have dinner with her when Julia is free. Julia thinks that chatting while dining is a good way to supplement energy. Hanni feels like she is just eating in her own house. They are more relaxed since everything is simple. Raw materials are placed on the table, anyone could take by herself.

“We always invite friends to cook and eat with us when we’re free at home. At that time, this warm and neat kitchen plays an important role.” as the couple said excitedly.


Build a comfortable outdoor seating area- They transformed the smallest outdoor space into a rest area. The upholstered furniture and cushions create a sense of comfort in the room while vitality is added by plants. Julia said that they take the balcony as part of the living room, and sometimes they even sit on the balcony to watch TV.


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