A Renewal House Belonging to a Couple of Designers


This apartment is home to a family of three. Singne Maldubine is a consultant as well as a designer. Ulrik is a designer and television host. The have a child, Tor, aged 9.


This apartment is of 119 square meters. Originally there were two apartments.

The couple has such great intelligence. They can see something hiding from others’ eyes.

When the couple first saw these two old apartments, they find the potential for a brand new change.

The apartment was dilapidated. They had their own kitchen and bathroom, making the space dark and uncoordinated.

They couple was clear that first thing they should do is to unify the style and turn it into a bright and open space.


They moved into their house the oak dining table and T chair designed by Arne Jacobsen and a sharp picture from Bo Egenstorm Anderson. The chandelier above the table was bought from the flea market.

Inspiration: Use large industrial chandeliers to create a focus on the dining area.

Each room has their own design.

Fortunately house owners can jump out of the restricted frame of mind. They replaced the floor and demolished the wall. Then beautiful corner came out. The two bathrooms had different function. They are now changed into a bathroom and a shower room. The kitchen open turned into an open one facing the living room. The wall is decorated with colors creating a sharp contrast to the kitchen.

Now the room is bright and filled with designs by its owner. Artwork and customize solutions meet the functional and aesthetic need. An example is the window of porch between the living room and kitchen. Here was the door, but the couple did not tear it down. Instead they built an indoor window with a small storage space below the window.

The design of the bed is very special. The couple turned the cabinet into a bed. They expect to see the outside of the house from the bed, but the space for storage was very small. So they think of this wonderful idea.


The coffee table is a creation from the couple. The sofa and the wall mirror are from HAY.

Inspiration: Combine different forms to create a new life style.

Repeat the color of blue


Anne Juul Christoffersen ‘s works help to establish the tone of the apartment.

Inspiration: Build an indoor window to create a transparent feel.

Simple kitchen

“We break all the elements of this apartment for reconstruction.”


The kitchen is open and bright. The room is made up of simple planes and geometric shapes. Oak chair and table mat give the house a harmonious tone.

Inspiration: If you like wooden furniture, then the white floor is the perfect basement.


The speaker comes from IKEA, and the light comes from the flea market.


Kitchen wall plaster is from KABE. Carts were purchased from Normann Copenhagen.


Bench on the balcony was a special surprise picked by the hostess from the garbage field. RA light is from Piet Hein.

Window on the door


Place of inspiration


The couple used an IKEA cork table to make a bulletin board. So any inspiration and photo can be nailed on it.

Inspiration: If your house is an open space, you can use a proper wall color to make a space transition.

Meditation corner图片12

A group of lights hanging in different styles is in odd count, close to each other.


Blue wall in the bedroom brings unlimited sense of space.

Sweet dream on high place


The bed is made up of IKEA cabinets, so the couple enjoys both the outdoor scenery and owns the storage space at the bottom. The light comes from the flea market. Blanket and pillows come from HAY.

Distinctive bathroom


The two bathrooms were given their own functions. Now there is a shower room with a white wall, and the other is just a normal bathroom.


Wall mirror can be turned in any directions.


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