What Is Pantone Color 2017?



Pantone is an authoritative organization and supplier specializing in the development and research of color. The color matching system of Pantone has been extended to all walks of life, such as printing, textile, etc.

In Pantone,there is a special color research organization called Pantone Color Institute(PCI). PCI is committed to the prediction of color trends and the study of impacts of color on human thinking, emotion and so on.

Beginning in 2000, Pantone Color Institute would specify a color every year to symbolize the spirit of global era.

The color of the year is the one which can resonate in the world. It does not only reflect people’s expectations, but also helps people get what they need through the power of color. Whether it is the most fashionable color of the year is not important. But the color of the year must be able to penetrate into all areas of design, speaking for the customer to express their mood and attitude.

The color of 2017 is greenery. How does Patone describe this color?

“Greenery busts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the re-connection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose. ”

So how do we apply this vibrant color to our interior design?

Although this will be a little difficult, but if used properly, the result will be great.

This color will look great in the neutral green indoor room. It can create a good focus. At the same time, through the match with other color, it can achieve a colorful environment greater than expectation: pink, yellow, blue, black as well as white. The effect will be bold and impressed.


The focal wall is a simple and effective way to bring the color of fashion to the interior. No matter in which room, the walls decorated in greenery are very eye-catching. You can cover the pattern of wallpaper on the wall to reach different styles, such as the Morocco style showed below.


If you don’t want to make a big difference in your house, you can add some green textiles into the decor. Bedding, blankets, curtains, pillows, carpets and other upholstery will make the room stylish, which is one of the most economical solutions. But remember, you must grasp the degree of this color. Do not overuse it.


The furniture is another kind of solution where we can add the color of 2017 for the interior decoration. You will have a lot of choices: chairs, sofa, cabinets, upholstered stool, upholstered chairs, cabinets and other furniture.


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