Three Major Principles for Decoration of SOLO

Different house is suitable for different decoration style. For SOLO decoration, here are three major principles:
1.SOLO should be neat

Disorder beauty is popular in fashion. However, for SOLO, neatness is more suitable. For small space, if there is too many highlight, it will make the design style scattered. Bright and plain colors are better for SOLO. Dark and incongruous colors will minify the space. Besides, less suspended ceiling is the better. Or just do some simple stone line. If you want to use partial ceiling to distinguish the functional space, remember do not do the same for the lower part. For the ground, all the dry areas should be covered by one kind of material.

2.SOLO loves “softness” rather than “hardness”

Not only for a young family but also a single man, a house should have various spaces for different functions, such as watching TV, reading, dining and fitness. Space does not mean “splitted” space. For small units, try not to use hard partition, that is, the wall. Use some soft decoration to separate the space. For example, use a bead curtain to distinguish the living room and the dining room, create a small balcony for reading and use a large bookcase to distinguish the bedroom and living room.
timg (1)
For small room size, the furniture should also be small and lightweight; otherwise the room will look stuffed and very depressed. The mobilizable furniture will be more suitable, such as a sofa bed which functions as both a bed and sofa. Folding table is also a good choice. You could fold up a part of the table for dining with your family and make it larger when you have guests. Decoration style should be simple and modern. Try to reduce the amount of renovation works. But use more accessories to decorate the house.

3.Combining “plus” and “minus” makes the home warm and practical

SOLO makes family members more intimate. It’s a warm and comfortable home. However, for the limitations of space, we should learn the balance of increase and reduce. The overall decoration should be simple and create a sense of overall. But for lighting, we should be more thoughtful. Use different lighting to create different visual space for various rooms, such as spotlights, floor lamps, wall lamps and so on. They are very good choices to create different atmosphere.

If you seldom cook, the kitchen facilities can be simple. Make an open kitchen. Build a small bar for breakfast morning reading. It can be a workstation for each family member. It is worth noting that the SOLO also focus on the quality of life. The modern family has a higher demand for wiring. The arrangement of network and circuit should be carefully considered to make warm house more practical and scientific.


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